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Where do I sleep aboard?

You will stay in a two-berth cabin with a private bathroom. The bathroom is simple but well-provided with shower and toilet. Some cabins have an extra bed. At your arrival the beds have already been made. In summer you can also sleep on deck. When you travel alone you will usually share your cabin with a fellow passenger.

Is the ship for rent for other activities?

The facilities aboard are perfectly suitable for team building, in company courses or company introduction. To be combined with relaxation and daytrips. Renting the entire ship for a special family tour or reunion is an unforgettable experience.

Would group travel be something for me?

A sailing cruise actually doesn’t compare to a group travel ashore. When you travel alone or by two, you will get to know your fellow passengers very soon. Just to find out that you have so much in common, you all love sailing, sun, sea, Turkish culture, and so on. Everybody embarked to have a nice holiday and during the collective meals often arise nice conversations. And if you might want to be on your own for a while, the ship is big enough to pick a quiet place for yourself. The crew feels it as its personal challenge to make everybody feel himself at ease soon, again every tour.

Can I sail shorter or longer than one week?

Yes it’s possible to book a shorter or longer period. We recommend a 10-14 days sailing cruise for certain destinations. For instance when you travel to the Greek Cyclades, which consist of Mykonos, Naxos and Kalymnos, among other islands. The trip from Marmaris to Kaş and Kalkan also suits a longer cruise.

What language does the crew speak?

The crew is Turkish and at least the captain and the cook speak English. Especially the younger crew members like to practise their English with you! We have a dictionary aboard just in case you can’t work something out.

Is it possible for children to join us aboard?

You can take children with you aboard, however for children up to 12 years wearing a life jacket is mandatory. In case of smaller children the programme will be tailored, so they get ample time to play in the water or at a beach. Older children can go skin-diving or cast out fishing nets with the captain at night. Not all days on the way offer you possibilities to go out, neither is the internet available without limitations. You can judge for yourself if spending your holiday this way would fit your family.

What else can I do?

There are several options for daytrips. Go on a jeep tour to see some of the outback, sail a small boat along the Lycian rock tomb, visit Dalayan or forage about the excavations of the old seaport Knidos. Shopping in Bodrum or Marmaris for an afternoon is an experience in itself. Or have diner or tea with a Turkish family or in a tearoom. Surfboard, canoe and skin-diving equipment are aboard.

How to handle seasickness and other illnesses?

Our ship is a wooden ship and has a stable trim, so only very few people will suffer from seasickness while sailing. When the engine needs to be used, the washing waves may give you – if you are susceptible to it – a funny feeling in your stomach. But there is always land in sight and once we have anchored usually everybody recovers quickly. Experience shows that people sailing a day boat often suffer from seasickness earlier. We do have a first aid-box aboard, containing all necessary means, and in case of emergency you go ashore, there is always a hospital or outpatient clinic nearby.

May or must I participate in the work aboard?

The crew is fully educated and prepared to sail the ship. You will experience this is pure teamwork. So it is not necessary that passengers assist. The crew always likes it when you help hoisting the sails or dropping the anchor. They will be delighted to explain you everything.