You are our guest

The mission of Güldeniz Sailing Cruises is to be the shipping company that can offer every customer the best sailing cruise, according to their preferences and budget. This starts with our enthusiastic team on the shore that takes care of the base, the gulets and the organisation of the cruise. Our team aboard makes this come true with excellent service, a lot of sailing and personal attention.

Our yachts sail under Turkish flag and are fully licensed, certificated and insured for charters.

We work with the principles: local, respectfully and social.


Our company has its seat in Bodrum and cooperates as much as possible with local companies and craftsmen. We vouch for fair business, we do our shopping on local markets and laundry and other services are provided by people and companies we personally know.

Our local winedealer knows what our guests like to drink, we buy cheese in our neighbour’s shop and the olive oil that we use aboard comes directly from the cooperation or from the olivegarden of one of our staff.

With respect

We respect the environment and the Turkish way of living. Sailing is of course a green means of transport. We use the engine as minimum as possible. A board we are careful with power and water. Waste is brought to a garbage dump. All yachts have dirty water tanks. We keep maintaining the yachts so they stay in condition. We are trying to recycle materials. Our yachts have contemporary comfort, but will keep their classic style without jetskies or jacuzzis. We serve Turkish coffee and also the recipes of the food are local.


We want to be a good employer for our staff. Our crew is partly trained aboard and well instructed by our captains. Young people get the chance to make career steps. We pay in time and also social insurances. Most of our staff is also working with us in wintertime. We provide Englisch lessons and other workshops then. We know that our staff is working very hard during the season. That’s why we ask our guests to have two suppers per week in a restaurant, so the crew can take some rest. The yachts return to the harbour on the last evening. This gives the crew time for an evening off or visit their family.