Sailing area Turkey

Go with the flow…. The sailing cruise Turkey will travel by sail for the main part of your route.

Sailing is the ultimate relaxation. If weather conditions are good (the wind speed is between 2 and 6 Beaufort) we close the engine and hoist our sails every day. Whereas most gullets hardly ever sail, you will be impressed by the huge sails, the sail area of the ships is between 400 and 520 m², you will enjoy how smooth and quiet the ship moves on and feel that this is quite different with motoring from bay to bay.

At lunch time and in the evening the ship drops its anchor. Then you can go for a swim or make a canoe tour. Meanwhile the cook prepares your lunch or dinner.

In the morning the captain will show you the sea map and give a briefing about the sailing possibilities. Together with him you decide about your sailing route and the program for that day.

The area around Bodrum enjoys a blend that is wholly unique: spectacular landscapes, a fascinating history and all this combined with superb sailing opportunities.

Starting from Bodrum sailing routes to discover in one week are:

Bodrum-Knidos-Mersincik-Cökertme-7 Islands-Akbük-Çatı-Bodrum


Bodrum-Knidos-Datca-Hisarönü körfezi-Bodrum

On request your privatecharter can start in other ports like Marmaris, Fethiye or Göcek..